PLEASE NOTE: NO late entries accepted. This rule will be strictly adhered to.

All entries to be left in exhibit shed until 5pm.  Judging commences at 1:00pm

All cakes must be wrapped in cling film.

Prize money 1st €25   2nd €15   3rd €10 Entry Fee:  €5

Class 167 Iced Coffee Sponge Sandwich 4 medium eggs, butter filling.

Class 168 Harvest Fruit Loaf

Class 169 White Soda Bread (8” tin)

Class 170 Brown Soda Bread (8” tin)

Class 171 6 Tea Scones with fruit.

Class 172 6 Brown Scones

Class 173 6 Queen Cakes (no fruit)

Class 174 Fruit Cake, un-iced

Class 175 Apple Tart (Short Crust Pastry)

Class 176 Four Egg Sponge Sandwich Un-iced

Class 177 Madeira cake or Marble Cake (baked in loaf tin)

Class 178 Porter Cake

Class 179 Carrot Cake

Class 180 Cold Tea Brack

Class 181 Boiled Fruit Cake

Class 182 6 Muffins

Class 183 Jam Swiss Roll

Class 184


The Odlums All Ireland Baking Championship

Sponsorship by :


Rules & Conditions :

1.       Each competitor must bake the Four Items Listed using Odlums products:

· Decorated Chocolate Cake 20cm / /8ins Round

· Lemon Drizzle Loaf 900g / 2Ib Loaf

· Quiche Lorraine 20cm / 8ins Round

· Multi Seed Bread 900g / 2Ib Loaf

N.B. All recipes can be found on the Odlum’s Website.  Own recipes may also be used.

2.       Items to be displayed on individual plates and each exhibitor will be allotted their own space (trays optional) on a base 24” Square

3.       Points will be awarded for taste, texture, appearance of baked items and presentation.

4.       The competition is confined to amateurs, both male and female, with one entry per exhibitor at the final.

5.       The items must be fresh and home baked by exhibitor

6.       A special class will be held at each qualifying show.  Two entries may qualify from these shows for the final, if judges agree that the standard is high enough.  The Qualifiers from each of these shows will go forward to the final, to be held at the Tullamore Show, on Sunday August 13th 2017.

7.       All items will be cut and/or sampled at the final.

8.       Each of the successful qualifiers will receive a hamper containing Odlums products, on appearance at the final.

9.       Certificates will be awarded to the finalists.

10.     The judge’s decisions at all stages of the competition, IS FINAL.

11.     Exhibits are displayed at owner’s risk.

12.     These rules should be read in conjunction with Irish Shows Association Rules.

13.     Marquee open from 7:30am on show morning and will be closed for judging at 10:00am sharp.  Marquee will open to the public at 12 noon and exhibits may not be removed before 5:00pm.

Entry fee to qualifying show : €3     To Final : €6

Prizes : 1st €300 & Trophy, Goods in Kind, 2nd €200 plus Goods in Kind, 3rd €100 plus Goods in Kind, 4th €60, 5th €60, 6th €60, 7th 60, 8th €60.

Final Tullamore & AIB National Livestock Show – Sunday 13th August, 2017

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