Sunday 6th August 2017

Pony Classes

Judging commences 11am.  Closing date for entries is July 31st 2017.  Numbers will not be forwarded in advance but will be available at the secretary’s office on Show Day at the Showground’s.  Ridden animals can go in led classes. *Prizes in each of the following classes (except where otherwise stated).

1st Prize €50; 2nd Prize €30; 3rd Prize €20 Entry fee: €15


There will be a €5 charge for all late entries.

One person free per animal – all other exhibitors pay at gate.

Please note; for second place prize money to be paid there must be at least 3 entries in the class, 3rd place 5 entries.


Judging Commences at 11.00am

Registered Connemara Section

Class 1 Yearling Filly Fr. Tuffy Cup

Class 2 Yearling Colt or Gelding

Class 3 2 Year old Filly

Class 4 2 or 3 Year old Colt or Gelding class will be divided if sufficient entries

Class 5 3 Year old Filly Canon Moore Perpetual Cup

Class 6 Junior Championship – from classes 1-5

1st and 2nd prize winners are eligible for this class Eddie Butler                               Memorial Cup. Champion €50, Reserve Rosette.

Class 7 Mare 4 – 7 Years with or without Foal at Foot Irish Guinness Cup

Class 8 Mare 8 Years & Over with or without Foal at Foot at Foot Irish

Plastic Development Cup

Class 9 Colt Foal

Class 10 Filly Foal

Class 11 Mare with foal at foot to be judged as a unit.

Class 12 Champion Connemara Pony. Reserve Champion. From Classes

7-11 inclusive. 1st & 2nd prize winners eligible for this Class

Prize money champion €50, Reserve Rosette.

Josie Kerin's Perpetual Cup.


Class 13 Best Connemara Stallion


Ring 2

Show Ponies and Show Hunter Ponies

Prize money: 1st Prize €40, 2nd Prize €25, 3rd Prize €20

Judging Commences at 11.00am

Entry Fee €15

I.P.S. – Ridden Classes

Class 24 Open show Hunter 153 cms, - rider of correct age

Class 25 Open show Hunter 143 cms, - rider of correct age

Class 26 Open show Hunter 133 cms, - rider of correct age

Class 24-26 will be amalgamated if insufficient entries

Class 27 Novice ridden show Hunter 153cms and under – rider of correct age

Class 28 Open show pony 148cms – rider of correct age

Class 29 Open show pony 138cms – rider of correct age

Class 30 Open show pony 128cms – rider of correct age

Class 31 Ridden Connemara pony 4 yrs and over, rider under 16 on 01/01/2017

Class 32 Ridden Connemara pony 4n yrs and over, rider over 16   01/01/2017

Class 33 Ridden coloured pony under 153cms

Class 34 Champion ridden pony

Class 35 Open lead rein for ponies 4yrs old and over not exceeding 123cms suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have not attained their 8th birthday on 1st January of current year

Class 36 M & M lead rein ponies 4 yrs old and over. Riders not to have attained their 9th Birthday on 1st January of the current year.

Class 37 Local riding class

Class 38 Family pony lead rein – (Prizes in Kind)

Class 39 128 cms shown in hand mare/gelding 4yrs & over

Class 40 138 cms shown in hand mare/gelding 4yrs & over

Class 41 148 cms shown in hand mare/gelding 4 yrs & over

Class 42 1,2,3 yrs old – young stock gelding or filly

Class 43 Pure bred Welsh – shown in hand (Gelding or Filly)

Class 44 Part bred Welsh, shown in hand (Gelding or Filly)

Class 45 Pony brood mare

Class 46 Pony Foal

Class 47 Miniature pony any age

Class 48 Champion pony of the show for classes 39-47

Class 49 Fancy Dress: Prizes in kind

Class 50 Supermacs and PapaJohns present young handler Bonanza Class 7-13yrs Royal Blue Cup


1st - €200, 2nd - €100, 3rd - €75, 4th - €25, plus prizes in kind to end of line

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